Saturday, November 26, 2005

Past Paranormal Blogs

1. Paranormal is my normal. I am a Mystic by birth. Know the Passion of the Christ, Felt the Pain in the Sacrifice. Foresee the future, understand the Ancient Spiritual texts. Predicted Katrina and Rita to down to the date, devastation, and place. Tried to warn President Bush and the National News Media. Yet, they continue to ignore me, they know. I am a Light worker, using my energy to serve for the Betterment of Humanity. Sent back to try to save the World.There is always a light in the dark, glo for it!

2. Genius hinges on Insanity, only when we are not true to ourselves. We have been taught many things based on Fear. Understand, that is the best way to control people. When paranormal is your life, you learn to keep most occurances to yourself. That we are “posessed” people. Our Ancient Spiritual Texts are but a written exhistance of man. It is understanding the messages that are spoken the same. That is to Love all as ourselves. The sad part is most of us do not love ourselves. We are filled with a dis-ease of within. We search outside to fill that hole within. Now, entering into a new Spiritual World, we will see more and more paranormal.

Harm non and do as ye will….. what you put out you will get back…..The Spiritual Laws….being responsible for ourselves… that all thought, action, and energy we put out comes back…… if thought creates form…what do you think?….to forgive others for not being as perfect as you are… that we live, what we are taught…if we do not know, then how do we know, that we don’t know?…Organized Religion built an Empire controling people through fear….that they were going to Hell no matter what they did……self loathing…quilt.. denial of self love by sexual pleasures…. creating the dis-ease within….. Searching all our lives for a substance outside ourselves to fill that hole within…Our Genius is our souls potential. Living the teachings of the Christ and all Great Spiritual Teachers who teach the power of love and light…… Now It is time for the Spiritual wrongs to be righted….Ancient Prophecy becoming reality in today’s society. Unless…. Predictions of premonitions are dependent upon the information at the time of the Interpretation. See the Light, ask for truth….Wish everyone well. Put out what you want back…. Smile, they are contageous.glolady

3. I was brought up to believe in the Holy Bible. That Jesus is the son of God, as we are brothers and sisters in Christ. That my God was great and my God was good. A good little Christian girl who had judgments of those I was taught to judge as less than. Since then, I have learnt every judgment of others that I had. I walked in the shoes of those I had judged. Now, but by the grace of God there goes I. Because of my experiences, I can see others with compassion, we do not know what we do not know. Until we are taught. The lessons that Christ taught were pure at heart. To Love others as yourself is the basic guide. There have been many Spiritual teachers who preach the same message, Brothers and Sisters in Christ.In understanding that the Interpretation of Ancient Spiritual texts have been redone many times. Chapters have been destroyed. Rewritten to best control people and that is thru FEAR. In understanding Predictions of Premonitions, we have a chance to change the direction of future events. It has been written what will happen if we do not become enlightened and that is Hell and Damnation. The easiest way to control people. Then we have the guilt, remorse, self loathing, anger, the self imposed Hell on earth that battles in our minds.As I foresee future events, there is a chance to save the World from doom and gloom. That is through Love and Light. It has been predicted that 20% of the World will be covered in fire. Remembering that Prediction is based upon the knowledge at the time of interpretation. If we were to glow the World with Glow in the Dark Safety products, that would look like it was on fire. Using the revenue for self supporting farms to heal the soul. To heal the dis-ease within.Building upon the business plan of Milton S. Hershey, founder of Hershey foods. “Where Business is a matter of Human Service” This is a link for my plan to Revolutionize the US economy, Healing Society in the process.There is always a light in the dark, glo for it!

4. Jesus of the Bible is a Great Role Model for living a Happy, Joyous, and Free Life. The true meaning of Love and Light. Loving all people unconditionally.The Ancient texts claim 12-21-2012 is the end of the World as we know it now. Then what? It has been stated 1,000 years of peace. Until then we have a chance to change the outcome.My Astrology chart reads that I am like Moses on the Mount. Paranormal is my normal. Mystic by birthright. I can make you wonder, warn, scare, or just freak you out. If I did not have physical proof, you’d call me crazy.The man who says that you can’t save the world, is the one not willing to try.

5. If I question how or why, I drive myself crazy. It is easier to live by Divine Intervention. That is God’s way of remaining anonymous. GOD… is slang for Good Orderly Direction. It is not the words that were said but understanding what they meant. All organized Religion has written texts. Most have been translated many times. It is in understanding the essence of the word. When looking at the general meaning of all, then you will find truth. Spirituality will be explained scientificly.... E=Mc2
Freedom of choice in your belief as to the outcome. You are responsible for you. What energy are you putting out? Positive or negative. Trusting in a Power Greater than you to guide your life. That all things work out for good. Looking back at all the "bad" things that ever happened in your life and then see the good, which has come out of the life changing event, if nothing more than strength. What was the lesson? Where was the growth?
Challenge yourself to your greatest potential, your Genius.

Blessing or a curse this foresight can be. What a Blessing to be able to change the future from the predicted devastation. A curse when no one will listen and many die. But then, who am I to change the direction of the World. Is it not going as predicted? Would we be able to call out the corrupt Government officials any other way? Who in their right mind would want to see innocent people die? Are they human or a Cabal force to reckon with?

The diseases that run rampant in today’s Society. We have the best technology, yet when have we had a cure? If we have cures then we will have no need for the pharmaceutical industry. That Billion dollar industry that’s bottom line is profit. Those who were ignorant condemned witches for evil doing. Those wise women who know what herb would treat what ailment, a drug store in your back yard. Get rid of those weeds and come to the drug industry, we need your money. One by one those plants that make our world beautiful will be outlawed. If we don’t get our heads out of our asses and see what is happening. Kevin Trudeau, did a great job exposing this travesty. Check out his web sites for an enlightened viewpoint and The wise men who had brought gifts for Christ. Frankincense and Myrrh incense and gold. In our Society we can understand the gold, but, the herbs? What truth did they know that we have been denied?

Do we as a Society want to know the truth or are we happy in the bubble we float around in. That no thank you I don’t want to know attitude. Ignorance is bliss but knowledge is Power. We do not know what we do not know until we are taught. Now, who is doing the teaching?

Paranormal, in what normal are the forces that be? The Greed of Money that creates disease in Society. Money is said to be the root of all Evil. Could it be our demise as predicted? What other paranormal creatures are going to appear right before our eyes? You have to see it to believe it then look at history.

When an outside substance becomes our filling agent, we die within. The inside hole will continue to grow, eventually turning us into incomprehensible demoralizing human beings. Can we look at those who purposely try to destroy this World with compassion? That is a true teaching of the Christ. To turn the other cheek, what goes around comes around. What energy am I putting out? As history repeats it’s self, the World is once again getting ready for renewal. Our Greed has become a catalyst for destruction.

8. In the Old Time, when a prophet gets it wrong, they are taken outside town and stoned to

I would rather be happy than right. That’s exactly how I felt when I was right and spoke up saying so. The Shock of the Truth was too much for my gentle spirit. I felt everyone’s pain in New Orleans. Stoned to death would be appropriate to sum it up. Still you have yet to know what has begun. Grow a thick skin they say. Learn to detach with love. Otherwise the pain you bear with others ignorance is overwhelming. Even Christ had his doubts. When Jesus asked his Father why he had forsake him, that mortal side of man. Wasn’t it Organized Religion who had a say in Christ’s Crucifixion? Follow the Money Trail. Who has the most to lose if the truth were exposed? It’s all about the Money!

How ironic my email has been used to spam most of the Major Corporations. Put my web mail on your hate mail list. To you who did this deed suffer what you dish out. Bless you back I see them down and double back it is times three. The sad fact is, it is for the pharmaceuticals, would rather be blamed for what I believe in. not lied, denied, and abused. Treat them how you want to be treated. Paranormal is my normal. The light I shine inside. Is it the messenger or the message, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?

This next writing is something that I channeled from thought to words as the pen flowed. You ask me questions of How and Why that I passed on and these are the words that came back exactly as written.....

Tis but a game fore those who are insane fed through the greed of money. Played on a higher realm Earth’s a changing think quick while you’re with thick before the final scene. Corporate greed Catholic Church born sexual predators.
Played on a higher realm, plan is the answer before the final scene. In Ancient text find the meaning of signs and symbols and means, the players the people the ones in charge. Play their game the price is such. Come here to change you to see. An answer a Light birthed at nativity. I higher played from the beginning of time a little pawn here. We freak in Society with such tragedy yet willing to open our minds. This is played on a higher level saved from another time. What is your reality only time will tell. I’d rather be happy than right.
Jesus in the Bible he was a Spiritual man one who had the answer the one with the Master plan. To live the life of freedom away from the greed and strife the money machine the fuels us that was sent from above way beyond your ears. The final outcome will be one of many tears, the reality that you have to see what is real or only what you believe? Paranormal is my normal. I see it all the time numbers & symbols & rhythm all in a moment of time. To decipher an octave a splice how do I say the ground is going to shaking so go to community if life creates like what feed the fuel you breath this little bit of time? Look within is the answer. What does fuel this machine? The ultimate thought indeed at this time. It’s not the words that are written but thought on another screen bound to change on this Earthly plane. Which I would have hated to be Nostrademous a mighty man indeed to predict so much in the future. Imagine the grief indeed to feel the pain of hundreds millions yet until the final thought.
Love is the answer of the reign either we see it blindly or with the answer indeed. Try as much I need. Need to be happy rather than right. Why should I care the pain of many a load to bear. Heavy to carry try to prevent it one a higher plane. Love look inside touch a spark open your eyes. Who controls my future me ore the answer Look inside indeed where is the truth I’m my life my responsibility in a world full of love in pleasure.
Some mass cruelty, where did that come from ask the answer again. Children learn what we live in such now who as adults we holler and yell enough. Why the simple pleasure of self love damned then infused upon a need to find it in another a man that you confide. The guilt and pain humiliation does it breed.
Place upon that the drugs at the scene and the drugs the reason we take them are we sicker. The madness of the Genius mind is a puzzle sometimes indeed. Look at the pieces of your puzzle tonight. What isn’t right A plan on another level how complicated indeed. Where do you fit in where is your constant need. Are you in for pleasures are you in for pain. What level are ya hearing low flying planes overhead. Chicken flu and virus Oh How Funny yes any such please don’t tell me who’s going to profit from such.

A chemical that will kill you if take all along look the money we are making fabricating all the time scare us into believing pay me reality this time. Halliburton is one for sure look at the money the trail their leaving profits will tell indeed. Who profits more from destruction than peace indeed Biblical proportions are guaranteed indeed.
I just write as it flows who writes I can’t say don’t question indeed. Just know that times a coming quick.
Not just Biblical but Mayan Hopi and such. Qualm see the marc we got it justice this time stop it before it happens before the damage is done. Why is Bush in China to bring the panic bring what shame what is it we fear the money that we are losing not playing your stupid game. To bring the prize home in the 1st place how funny how sad manufactured in fact indeed pharmaceuticals contain you look inside indeed. Not healthy why what the answer take a drug indeed. What is in your cabinet filling the hole the need. Takes you back in numbers where it is from indeed. Nature Mother Earth Honor in such we much is needed not the destruction from evil greed of money is dead.
America is proud build on Dreams in Power what is the light you seek at the cost of pain yours or theirs or feel the loss indeed. Where is your compassion the forgiveness of their sin? They didn’t know till was told them Bless them send them 3 fold back to what was sent out. It’s time we open before the rush indeed.
What is the magic number what pill the thought that bleeds into the poison the salt that flavors the pain. Chemical in measure atoms on the side Indeed Gigantic Proportions the change for their ready. Deep inside the mountains only they can find Kill those who know before the final blow.
Who do you listen to listen to your heart. Just like Dorothy look inside indeed what thought you put out imagine the damage fueled on sex and violence as a damaged seed upon the young we trust and look in the mirror that we need the ones we need to forgive then bless those indeed. Those whose safe are bless at pure of heart to blame none but the mirror for damage that is done. Speak up we must !st we look in the mirror then whose home we trust. #27 disappeared sudden from the scene. Gamma hasn’t come yet sad if it would seem that the number 29 would be Gamma of the sea is that hidden message of the pain inflict 7 hits the shores so far my prediction in the number wow ever and such. I saw 7 and 4 is the damage done. What is planned from Heaven coming from the sky? Is it just a message a warning that when done will shock us into seeing what is fact in such.
The breasts upon your children from milk they drink fed to cows in their feed lets increase the need. Those pretty little girls that become traffic sex indeed funny that’s happening when parlors close indignant why what sick secrets are hidden hide from reality. What is the truth that is hidden the rapist child molesters disgusted self inflicted at guilt the pain that the girls work worth their measure in fantasy they gain. The sick pups in Society have place to relieve the pressure before they snap on the weaker it sees. Instead of understanding that the Oldest is a clue the illness that it saves us from the damage that is done.
Why should anyone listen their own little world is but a bubble that’s bursting at the seams. It’s all about the money these politics are such. How can I make some more how can I mock more? The powerful dollar so little yet much so far needed in this life build upon it’s greed. If you really want to know research the trail how quick it fades away.
Unless you practice 3 fold law and wish it back in thought Bless you well forgive you for damage that you’ve done. Ill thoughts and action done until we’re taught then we don’t know and then the end of time. Destruction is and ill beware the touch the seeds people touch have all been passed into the light we place that love abounds. Lets heal the sick the disease inside why is that festering there. Don’t pop that pill and then deny the hate the fear inside.
We honor Earth and all things wise the animals that they know. The energy that we vibrate positive or negative feel it pass as such. They killed the ones before or you called them crazy that Genius that’s inside. The game is called I say Day Light your message that is Bright. Look in Love Look in Light then you’ll know what’s right. Bless you tonight.


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The bomb of some sort looks to be brewing in the Gulf now.

Out of tragedy people come together in Love!

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Anonymous GLoLady said...

This was channeled back in July 2005. I look to see how right I am.

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